Thagomizer Ring in Bronze

  • $68.00

T-minus 5, 4, 3…

An ominous descrescendo of sharp metal spikes.  Sci-fi and swanky street gear.


Row of spikes length:  1.2"
Widest Spike:  .4"
Tallest Spike:  .75"
Weight:  12 grams

Available in midi and normal sizes: 3-10

3D Printed B+S Alloy: 40% bronze & 60% 420 stainless steel.  Bronze finish.

Also available in lightweight polyamide, and gold finishes.
More spike designs here!

SHIPPING TIME: Typically, I make this piece to order!  You will not be receiving the exact piece in the photo, but one that I have created especially for you.  Please allow 3-6 weeks for production and domestic shipping.  International shipping can take longer.  Anticipate delays and order early during the holiday season.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding the timeline.