Teardrop Labradorite Orbit Ring - Made to Order

  • $135.00

Teardrop labradorite and surprise secret stone in the palm.

100% sterling and fine silver.

Handmade with saws, hammers, and fire.

You will not be receiving the exact piece in the photo, but a very similar ring that I create to your size specifications. 

Full of magical color shifts and variation (blues, greens, greys, golds and purples), no two pieces of labradorite are the same... so it follows that your ring will be truly one of a kind! 

By default, I will select and pair your labradorite and secret stone from my beautiful collection of gemstones.  If you would rather have more of a hand in this process, please contact me and I can give you some stones to choose from!



Made to order rings will ship in 1-3 weeks.