Shadowy, sci-fi jewelry for space witches.


My work blends the past and the future through an eerie lens. 

Drawing from a lifetime of oddity, mid century and occult influences, I use jewelry as a vehicle to reinterpret the nostalgia of an era gone by, and to share the strange beauty of now. 

My studio process is a hybrid of digital design and traditional metalsmithing techniques, mimicking my fascination with the fluidity of past and future.  Through my practice, I am working to create an estuary of time: a preserved habitat where anachronisms can thrive, and the space age merges with prehistory.  

The inspiration for Hypnovamp jewels can be traced back to the earliest moments of my life.  Growing up in a family of antique dealers, I spent countless hours of my youth exploring flea markets and fostering a love for the iconic colors and shapes of the atomic age. 

My childhood in Salem, Massachusetts contributed to my natural fascination with the occult by providing easy access to shops and institutions that normalized the abnormal.  Aside from a vast collection of crystals, bones, and potions, my prized possession in second grade was a (replica) shrunken head with long, flowing black hair. 

These interests have stalked me well into adulthood and now manifest themselves through vampy sci-fi sculptures that only truly come to life when you try them on. 

This is the thing I love most about jewelry as an art form: it transcends the three-dimensional realm because it requires human interaction, motion, experience and time.

Hypnovamp - Stephanie working in her studio

As a formally trained metalsmith and sculptor (Massachusetts College of Art & Design, ‘10), I began to realize that I don’t just want to create work destined to live on a pedestal and collect dust.  That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the processes and results of large scale sculpting — I especially love the excitement of working in the foundry, where I dedicated several years to casting big surreal insects in bronze and iron. 

I just felt there was something solitary and oddly final about the pieces I was producing.   
Only a handful of eyes would ever see or experience them, and the interaction would never truly progress beyond that moment in time. 

It dawned on me that I want to create art that I can share on a more personal level:
As a work of art you can wear and carry with you every day.
As a talisman to maintain your link to the underworld and outer limits.
As a physical reminder of who you are at your strange & lovely molten core.  

Hypnovamp has passed though several names and experimental evolutions since 2013, but I consider 2017 to be her true birth year.  Before that, she was just a one-celled creature in a cesspool, dreaming of legs.  Now she has bat wings and a whole universe to explore.

Want to explore?  Enter the galaxy HERE.