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      Picture of a red head woman artist kissing a sculpture of the creature from the black lagoon



DESIGNER & FOUNDER OF HYPNOVAMP:  Shadowy, atomic jewelry. 

Inspired by vintage horror, mid-century + art deco design, and the endless void of outer space, these jewels will transport you to a strange and otherworldly realm.

I harvest shapes from haunted dreams; visions of many-mooned planets overrun by bats and glowing crystal caves. The result is an undercurrent of eerie, intergalactic energy that enters the metal with the strike of my hammer, and transfers to you when it touches your skin.

With pieces ranging from ultra-minimal to the boldest space-queen statements, you’ll find something in my shop to fit any occasion or budget.

As a formally trained sculptor and metalsmith, I create each piece with sharp attention to detail, often embellishing the reverse-side with secret windows, symbols, and stones. I take pride in my craft and am committed to creating a meaningful, high-quality work of art that you will adore for many years to come.

Thanks for joining me in this galaxy!