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3D Printed Jewelry

What is 3D printed polyamide?
Polyamide is a strong, solid nylon created through the 3d printing process known as selective laser sintering. It is:
  • waterproof, durable & hypoallergenic 
  • neither stretchy nor brittle
  • Surprisingly lightweight; an ideal medium for large statement earrings!
Polyamide is a far more refined material than the PLA plastics commonly created by most at-home 3D printers. My pieces are printed on a high quality industrial sintering printer and have a beautiful surface as a result.

These rings are available in whole sizes only. If you are a half size, I recommend going up. For example, if you are a 7.5, order a size 8.
If you don't know your ring size, you can stop in a local gift shop to get sized or you can order a set of ring sizers.

For best care, I recommend removing this ring momentarily when applying hand-sanitizer or using harsh dish detergents as the chemicals can cause the surface to prematurely fade. Otherwise, this ring is safe to wear while washing hands, bathing, or swimming.

Occasionally, as a result of the printing process, there may be trace amounts of black powder on the ring that get stirred up upon your first wear. This will easily brush away with water and will never appear again. This ring will not stain your skin.