Thagomizer Ring in Matte Black

  • $20.00

I’m a street-walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm.

Five black spikes descending from a double band. 
Edgy, geometric finger gear for wandering witches.


Row of spikes length:  1.2"
Widest Spike:  .4"
Tallest Spike:  .75"
Weight:  1 gram

Available in midi and standard sizes: 3-10

Matte black polyamide.  
Strong, Lightweight, Waterproof.

3d printed with math and lasers.

Also available in bronze, and gold finishes.
More spike designs here!

SHIPPING TIME: Ready now! Typically ships within 1-5 days.  You will not be receiving the exact piece of jewelry in the photo but a nearly identical one.