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3D Printing

What is 3D printed polyamide?
It is a futuristic, nylon-based plastic created through a laser sintering process.

  • extremely lightweight (great for large earrings!)
  • durable & slightly flexible
  • waterproof/washable
  • matte texture

Polyamide is a far more refined material than the plastics created by most at-home 3D printers. My pieces are printed on a high quality industrial sintering printer.

What is 3D printed metal?
A metal alloy that only exists through the 3D printing process:

40% bronze (90% copper, 10% tin & zinc)
60% 420 stainless steel

It's created through binder jetting technology: each piece is printed "up," layer by layer, using stainless steel powder and a deposited binder liquid. It is then cured in a kiln, and infiltrated with bronze. The result is a gorgeous metal object with an unusual, linear, "wood grain" texture.

This metal is nickel free and safe* to wear in healed stretched earlobes.

*Disclaimer: While this alloy is hypoallergenic for most people, it's not recommended if you have a history of sensitivity to bronze or copper.

For hygienic reasons, I cannot accept returns on jewelry for stretched ears, so please be familiar with the chemistry and limitations of your body before ordering!