Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
My studio is currently in Lowell, Massachusetts. I conduct most of my business in Salem, Massachusetts. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Pieces that are in stock typically ship in 1-5 days. Made to order pieces can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks to ship depending on their complexity and the time of year.

If your order includes a piece that's ready today and one that's ready next month, by default I will only ship when both pieces are ready. Please contact me with any shipping concerns.

What are your shipping policies?
I ship USPS worldwide. Rates are calculated by package weight. All packages come with tracking numbers.

For international purchases, there may be hold ups in your country's customs office. I will ship your pieces in a timely manner, but I cannot account for your country's individual handling of imports.  Buyer is responsible for all costs related to customs clearance, including any duties and taxes.

What are your return policies?
It is my #1 priority that you LOVE your piece of jewelry.

For that reason, I do accept returns, exchanges, and cancellations with the following conditions:

• Buyer must contact me within 3 days of delivery.
• Item can show no signs of wear & tear or negligent damage. If there is damage due to faulty craftsmanship, we will work together to solve it on a case by case basis. If it arrives defective, I request that the buyer send me a photo immediately.
• Buyer must ship return items back within 7 days of delivery. Buyer is responsible for all return postage (unless we have mutually agreed that the return or exchange is based on my own error).
• Request for an order cancellation must occur within 1 hour of purchase. Some days I am able to process and ship orders immediately, so be sure to let me know quickly if you've changed your mind!
• I cannot accept returns for custom designed pieces or for gauge jewelry (for health/sterilization precautions). 

Do you produce everything yourself?
Yes, with two exceptions:

I do not physically 3D print the objects myself. I am responsible for all of the design work, digital engineering, and post-assembly, but I outsource the printing to industrial machines in New York. 

The high quality polyamide and B+S alloys that I implement in my jewelry require a sintering & binder jetting process that is currently unavailable for at-home printers.

I do not physically cast the objects myself. I am responsible for all of the design and wax carving leading up to the casting process, but due to current studio and equipment limitations, I have to send my finished waxes to a production house in New York to be cast.

I fabricate all of my silver and gemstone work completely by hand, manipulating raw silver sheet/wire with saws, hammers, and fire.

There are many techniques and influences that I incorporate into my studio practice. If you have a specific question about a piece, I'd be happy to explain my process more thoroughly. 

What is 3D printed polyamide?
It is a futuristic, nylon-based plastic created through a laser sintering process. 

• extremely lightweight (great for large earrings!)
• durable & slightly flexible 
• waterproof/washable
• matte texture

Polyamide is a far more refined material than the plastics created by most at-home 3D printers. My pieces are printed on a high quality industrial sintering printer.

What is B+S Alloy?
3D printed metal!

40% bronze (90% copper, 10% tin & zinc)
60% 420 stainless steel 

It's created through binder jetting technology: each piece is 3D printed "up," layer by layer, using stainless steel powder and a deposited binder liquid. It is then cured in a kiln, and infiltrated with molten bronze. The result is a gorgeous metal object with an unusual, linear, "wood grain" texture. I offer it in three finishes: bronze, black, and gold.

This metal is nickel free and safe* to wear in healed stretched earlobes. 

*Disclaimer: While this alloy is hypoallergenic for most people, it's not recommended if you have a history of sensitivity to bronze or copper.

For hygienic reasons, I cannot accept returns on gauge jewelry, so please be familiar with the chemistry and limitations of your body before ordering!

Why did your prices change?
Due to the fluctuating prices of my material and metal suppliers, I occasionally have to re-evaluate and adjust my own prices to reflect their changes. I promise that I am offering my designs at fair market rates.

Will you do custom work?
Yes! I absolutely love to work with customers to create one of a kind bespoke pieces.

There are limitations to the types of custom pieces I will make, however: 
I will not stray from my central aesthetic, nor my material repertoire. Please familiarize yourself with my work and style, and make sure it's right for you before requesting a custom piece!

How do I figure out my ring size?
The only truly accurate way to find out your ring size is by using ring sizers like these. If you don't want to buy them, try visiting a local jewelry or gift shop to see if they can size you.

Your ring size can change throughout the day based on many factors such as temperature, food, and pH levels. Because everyone is different, there is no steadfast rule, but the accepted "best time" to measure is after lunch/before dinner.

Do you resize rings?
Short answer: No.

Long answer: In some very special cases, I can open up the ring to a larger size, but not smaller. In the rare event of a resizing, labor fees will apply.

For this reason, it's extremely important that you provide me with an accurate ring size!